Light Up My Pictures

The world's first illuminated light up photo cube using LED backlit technology. We don't just print your pictures, we light them up!

Our Story

Light Up My Pictures was founded because we believed there was a better way to display pictures and photographs. Picture frames have been around for centuries without ever evolving into more than just something to hold, display and protect a photograph. We had a vision that it was time for pictures and photographs to come out from the dark ages and into the light.

We developed our concept of lighting up a photo over many months. Our original idea was to light up only one picture, but then we came up with a design for a photo cube which allowed us to light up five pictures. Another great design feature is it's portable so you can simply set it down and light it up anywhere. When it was first presented at a holiday party the response to it was overwhelming as it received numerous accolades for its wow factor when they were displayed on a fireplace mantel, an entry way foyer and as the main table's centerpiece.

The process of lighting up a picture is exclusive to our innovative research and development efforts and in the design and technology of computer printing software. Unlike normal pictures that are printed on regular photo paper, we print your pictures on a unique substrate that allows light to pass through it enabling your pictures to light up. We started our online business and established ourselves as the only company to sell a photo cube that lets you view your pictures normally during the day and transforms them into beautifully backlit photos at night.