Light Up My Pictures

The world's first illuminated light up photo cube using LED backlit technology. We don't just print your pictures, we light them up!


Rachel B. -  Colorado, "This is truly one of the most unique products I have ever seen. The pictures look unbelievable when they light up inside the photo cube. What a great innovative idea. I also like that I can place it anywhere. It's kind of mesmerizing to look at because of the way it illuminates the pictures. I'm going to find more photos so I can order a few more to give as gifts."
Valerie S. - Illinois, "I purchased a light up photo cube after visiting your website. The whole process of submitting and uploading my pictures was really easy. I was curious to see how it actually would look when I received it. WOW! I was completely blown away when I saw my wedding pictures light up before my eyes. I will be ordering a few more of these illuminated photo cubes after I decide which pictures I would like to use for the other photo cubes."
Susan O. - West Virgina, "These light up photo cubes were the hit of the party. They looked so cool on everyone's table. People were going from table to table to see the different pictures. These make for great centerpieces and when the pictures light up you can see them across the whole room. I referred your website to many of the guests who inquired about them."
Erica M. - New York, "I am so pleased with how these look in my home. I placed one on my dining room table and the other is sitting on an end table in the family room. When those pictures light up I can't stop looking at them because it really captures your attention. I get so many compliments from my friends who've seen them and ask me where I got them."
Robert H. - Florida, "My wife and I found your website while searching for photo cubes to put some of our grandchildren' s favorite pictures. We were looking for something different. I can tell you this is REALLY different. We've seen other lighted photo cubes that are poorly lit and don't compare to the visibly bright and sharp photos from your light up picture cube. Sometimes we find ourselves just staring at it because it attracts your eyes to it wherever you put it. We really love it."

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